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Minister, writer, mentor and consultant for organizational change, singer…

Lydia is a prolific, original and inspirational writer with deep insight and keen ability to put her very unique experiences into words. Her blog, View From the Hammock , captures the essence of those experiences and observations, offering Lydia’s view on life, relationships, and ethics. She also blogs in Russian Vzgliad is Gamaka.

Lydia’s latest book, the second edition of her Bringing Hidden Things to Light, is out on Kindle, do not miss it!

From Misery to Mystery” is a book that presents an enticing and very personal account of her life in America, especially in the Kansas City Area, as a woman, a foreigner, a pastor, and just as a regular human being.

“Zhizn’ Dushi: Zastav Duraka Bogu Molitsa,” or Life of a Soul, published in Russian, is an autobiographical thriller, providing a sincere account of her personal transformation given against a background of political and historic events that filled the 1990s. Her articles and stories are published in the Methodist magazines and newspapers around the world.

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